The Geldy El Aziz field project was designed to raise awareness on skin health, present skin diseases and provide treatment options to residents in inaccessible target villages in Gharbia and Menia. Through town-hall meetings and mobile clinics, Shamseya lead a team of community leaders to offer services never offered in […]

Geldy El Aziz: My Dear Skin

Shamseya, along with Health 2.0 Egypt and UNFPA Egypt, has successfully completed the Youth Health Challenge on Sexual and Reproductive Health. We reached out to the youth in Beni Sueif and Assiut solve one of the most pressing issues in the healthcare sector in Egypt and increase the reach of […]

Youth Hackathon on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Eghospitals empowers real people from local communities. By training and giving local people a voice and the right tools, entire communities get to benefit. What is Eghopsitals? is a website that serves as a tool for the community to monitor hospital service quality.Shamseya’s team of experts trains local community members […] The voice of Communities

One event wastes 25% of our healthcare money and pushes 1/5 of Egyptian families into poverty, just because we don’t like to talk about it! By Ayman Sabae The cost of a taboo Imagine a country where the event of giving birth and the period that precedes it (pregnancy) is […]

The one event that wastes 25% of our healthcare money