Nursing management officer – Needed

Function Profile

Nursing management officer

Function: Nursing management officer

Application procedure: Interview and basic screening by HR

Contract type: One year Full-time contract with a probation period of 3 months

Description function:

To lead the team of specialized nurses, general nurses and nurse-assistants both inside the clinics and sister-companies as in the patient’s homes. The nursing management officer is responsible for matching the patients to the designated nurses, to monitor the shifts and the complete monitoring of the services provided by the nurses. He/she will evaluate the nurses periodically and implement the new strategies or visions offered by the nursing services officer, the academy and the management.

Positioning in the organisation:

The nursing management officer will be in charge of monitoring and supporting the nursing team. He/she will work together closely with the academy officer, the nursing services officer and the management.


  • Knowledge based requirements:
  • Qualitative and competent management of home care and hospital nursing with a holistic approach designed individually for the patient and his/her environment and situation.
  • Observation and management of the team of the different nurses at the patients’ home and the different clinics/hospitals where they are practicing.
  • Assign nurses to the new cases, create the weekly/monthly work schedules for the nurses, implement new structures and vision of the nursing services officer.
  • Assess and monitor the nursing staffs’ activities, attendance, appearance and their trainings.
  • Working systematically, recognising challenges and problems, set targets and actions, evaluate the outcome and redirect the home care management plan if needed.
  • Stimulate and support the nursing team in developing the needed skills and attain the right attitude to fit the tabibi vision.
  • Keep track of the nurses’ shifts, activities, do their assessments and shadowing.
  • Collect the documentation from the nursing services delivered and check if they are applied in the system. In case of missing or faulty information in the system, contact with the designated person in charge at either of the institutions.
  • Work together closely with the different teams inside the company to pass on new information, challenges, inform them of changes in the care-plan, absence of nursing staff, etc.
  • Inform and cooperate in a structured manner with the rest of the team to ensure continuity of care.
  • Respect the law of confidentiality.
  • Attend the weekly meetings in the clinics and the trainings offered the Academy and support the development of new training programs specifically for the nurses.
  • Make assessments of all nursing staff and communicate this to the HR department.

Psycho-social requirements:

  • Focusing on the comfort and overall well-being of the patient and taking initiative to improve or guarantee this comfort by assigning the right tabibi personnel and making sure the patient has the opportunity to express their needs.
  • Strong leadership skills and a proven ability of management and development of teams ensuring they are supported with appropriate training.
  • Listen to the patient with a focus on their challenges and expectations, have conversations to reach solutions or a personalised approach together.
  • Consult with the family, neighbours and any other care-givers of the patient how they can help and support the patient to reach an ideal care-plan.
  • Show leadership and patience while being firm to lead the diverse team of nurses.
  • Have emotional intelligence to deal with a variety of people from Tabibi, the different hospitals as well as all people he/she deals with on daily basis.
  • Have patience and a calm personality to be able to deal with daily stress of managing a big team and dealing with people who are sick and in need of care/help.


  • Knowledge based competences:
  • Experience in the medical field is preferred
  • Knowledge of the EMR, hardcopy nursing files and electronic documentation
  • Ability to lead teams, implement structures and vision
  • Knowledge on the use of smartphone and tablet
  • Knowledge of Office package
  • Knowledge of team dimensions, problem solving and social skills
  • Knowledge of quality standards, evaluation processes
  • Understanding and basic knowledge of English is a plus
  • Personality based competences:
  • Patient centeredness

At our company we aim for the patient and his/her family to be in the centre of our home-care services. We require our nurses to carry out this vision and to always act with the patient’s wishes and needs in his/her mind.


The head nurse has respect for the patient and his/her surroundings, family and all the people involved in their care and well-being. We expect our team to work with our values and treat all patients and colleagues with kindness and respect. The nursing management officer will also deal with staff from different hospitals and clinics, so we expect him/her to have the right social skills and emotional intelligence to deal with different people in the right manner.


The nursing management officer is responsible for his/her team, but this doesn’t mean that he/she will work alone. He/she is supported by an expert team and we want all our colleagues to be able to cooperate, share information and work on an enjoyable work environment.


The nursing management officer has a high regard of his/her own work and maintains the professionalism while taking responsibility for the tasks that are assigned to him/her. Yet he/she knows his/her limits and asks for help when needed.

Minimal requirements:

  • Holder of a degree in management, nursing, medicine or equal by experience.
  • 3-10 years’ experience in the management of teams, preferably in the medical field.
  • Experience to lead a team, make work schedules and document all information related to the nursing service.
  • Provide references.
  • Succeed in the recruitment process.


  • We will monitor all personnel, so the nursing management officer is also susceptible to this.
  • We expect everyone in the nursing department to follow the trainings offered by the Academy.

If interested send the following to

1 – Your most updated cv.

2 – Short cover letter