Social Media and External Communication Manager

About Shamseya: 

Shamseya is a problem solver to challenges facing healthcare. We focus on healthcare systems in the Middle East and North Africa region. Shamseya has a patient-centered approach to development. We support and empower patients to understand how to navigate and improve their healthcare systems. Shamseya has created programs that improve the quality, accessibility, effectiveness, and affordability of healthcare services provided to people in Egypt and the region. Our running projects and products are ElNase7, Women Friendly services, Salametna, Eghospitals, iCheck and Melior.

Position Location: Home and office-based.

Position duration: After completion of a successful 3-month probation period, a full employment contract with 1-year limited term subject to renewal based on performance will be offered. The contract includes medical and social insurance benefits.

Reports to: Shamseya COO.

Employment: Full-time.

Target Start date:  15th of September 2021.

Work Conditions: Flexible working hours, with working hours between 9:00am-5:00pm.

Job Summary: 

Social media components are always present as part of the different projects and campaigns that Shamseya launches.  Every social media platform advocates for a different cause and spreads a different message based on the project/campaign vision and mandate. The Social Media Manager is responsible for managing and executing the social media strategies planned for any of Shamseya’s projects.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Set the strategy and outputs targeted for each of the social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other relevant platforms);
  • Execute the decided social media plans and make sure it delivers the required targets; 
  • Manage Shamseya’s social media presence on the different platforms that includes:
  • Track, document and create content about Shamseya’s social and business impact;
  • Manage response, comments, reviews, and join relevant conversations on the different platforms;
  • Monitor social media for engagement opportunities and appropriately engage with partners, relevant stakeholders and key opinion leaders;
  • Work closely with the different project teams to create content that best represents their work and achieves their desired communication outcomes;
  • Work closely with the tech team on updating Shameya’s different websites;
  • Propose new ideas and concepts for social media campaigns;
  • Recommend the faced social media budgets;
  • Report on analytics and adjust strategy to continuously improve activity/campaign results;
  • Contribute to strategic planning meetings.

Experience and requirements: 

  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience working in the Marketing/PR/Advertising/Media Journalism/Publishing;
  • Excellent writing skills in English and Arabic.
  • Good use of Microsoft Office applications;
  • Able to manage multiple tasks;

If interested please send your resume to