About Us

Shamseya is an Egyptian social enterprise founded in 2012, which works on creating sustainable community-based solutions for local healthcare challenges.

Our vision ís to empower people occupy their place at the center of healthcare decision-making, leading to improved service quality and better health.

Our mission is to identify  challenges facing the healthcare system and subsequently design, develop, implement and scale up patient-centered solutions.


Ayman Sabae

CEO and Specialist in International Health Systems Management

He contributes to the strategic design of healthcare systems while supporting clients with the operational and policy aspects of health systems management. Ayman works through an integrated, participatory community-based paradigm, following a rights-based approach to health.

Nevin El Nadi

COO, Business Developer and Scientific Consultant

Supports the team from a scientific and research-based perspective in developing Shamseya’s flexible and adaptable community-based healthcare solutions.

Daniel Amoun

Eghospitals.com Project Manager, Social Accountability Specialist and Ashoka Fellow

Daniel connects community members, national and international civil society and sector experts to analyze obstacles hampering accessibility of healthcare and studies methods to optimize health coverage in Egypt.