The Egyptian Healthcare System

Attempts of healthcare system reform in Egypt

The Egyptian healthcare system went through repeated attempts of reforms over the past three decades. Stagnant politics and a very centralized decision making process lead to the fact that none of the attempted reform efforts ended rewardingly. In 1997, the government of Egypt launched the Health Sector Reform Program (HSRP), […]

The situation of the Right to Health in Egypt

In Egypt, health services are delivered by a multitude of public service providers (the ministry of Health (MOH), ministries of Higher Education, Defense, the Interior, etc.), the Health Insurance Organization (HIO), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and an expanding network of private practitioners and medical facilities. Even though presence of multiple providers […]

Vision of a participatory healthcare system

In the Arab Republic of Egypt, the role of the government in guaranteeing the respect, protection and fulfillment of the right to health for all citizens has been underlined in the constitution, where it is announced to be a fundamental right. There has been, however, no realization of the right […]