Mapping of Public Mental Health Services in Egypt

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on mental health in Egypt. A study by the Egyptian Mental Health Research Institute found that the prevalence of depression, anxiety, and stress increased significantly during the pandemic. The study also found that these mental health problems were more common among women, […]

Assessing the New Comprehensive Healthcare System in Portsaid

The new comprehensive health insurance law and its implementation regulations are the product of continuous work held by experts, government actors and officials from the civil society. Numerous discussion sessions took place, aimed at designing a comprehensive insurance system that achieves availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality of services provided without […]

Mateegy Neshoof

Mateegy Neshoof aimed at building awareness about common eye diseases and offering comprehensive eye health services in target areas in Qalyoubeya with a particular focus on early detection of vision defects among children. For this, the “Community Eye Leaders” model was created. Local community members were trained and equipped with […]

Ramadan x Corona Guide

Shamseya’s team created this guide, in Arabic, in preparation of the Holy month of Ramadan to be of guidance for citizens to have a safe and healthy Ramadan. You can download the brochure from this link by clicking on the download file. You can learn more about, see already […]

Shamseya’s new portfolio

We created the portfolio to showcase and highlight our impact, solutions and innovations. The portfolio highlights Shamseya’s objectives through its’ various projects as well as the team behind it. You can view it here.

Geldy El Aziz: My Dear Skin

The Geldy El Aziz field project was designed to raise awareness on skin health, present skin diseases and provide treatment options to residents in inaccessible target villages in Gharbia and Menia. Through town-hall meetings and mobile clinics, Shamseya lead a team of community leaders to offer services never offered in […]

The one event that wastes 25% of our healthcare money

One event wastes 25% of our healthcare money and pushes 1/5 of Egyptian families into poverty, just because we don’t like to talk about it! By Ayman Sabae The cost of a taboo Imagine a country where the event of giving birth and the period that precedes it (pregnancy) is […]

Report on Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials in Egypt

Together with research partners from Switzerland, the Netherlands and Egypt, Shamseya has launched its report on Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials in Egypt.

This report studies the conduct of these trials in Egypt, sheds the light on some of the short-comings that were identified and proposes recommendations for the different stakeholders.