Access to Medicine

“Sayed’s Journey: Navigating Egypt’s Pharmaceutical Maze” is a commentary by Shamseya’s research team, published on Alternative Policy Solutions. An interesting read on how patients struggle to get access to medicine, especially those with chronic and/or rare diseases. We encourage you to read this story along with our alternative policy recommendations […]

Assessing the New Comprehensive Healthcare System in Portsaid

The new comprehensive health insurance law and its implementation regulations are the product of continuous work held by experts, government actors and officials from the civil society. Numerous discussion sessions took place, aimed at designing a comprehensive insurance system that achieves availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality of services provided without […]

Mateegy Neshoof

Mateegy Neshoof aimed at building awareness about common eye diseases and offering comprehensive eye health services in target areas in Qalyoubeya with a particular focus on early detection of vision defects among children. For this, the “Community Eye Leaders” model was created. Local community members were trained and equipped with […]

Shamseya x International Alert Tunisia

In response to the public’s outcry about accessibility to healthcare services in the region of Tataouine, Shamseya has mobilized its models and expertise to provide civil society, donors and decision-makers with a full community-lead diagnosis and solutions to improve services provided in this challenging area through a strong partnership with […]

El Nase7 For COVID-19

Shamseya’s El Nase7 project, a phone assistance service that generally navigates Egyptian families through the bureaucracy of healthcare services, is currently used also supporting the COVID-19 response by guiding concerned citizens through the healthcare system to claim the services they most need in such a pressuring time. El Nase7’s team […]

Ramadan x Corona Guide

Shamseya’s team created this guide, in Arabic, in preparation of the Holy month of Ramadan to be of guidance for citizens to have a safe and healthy Ramadan. You can download the brochure from this link by clicking on the download file. You can learn more about salametna.com, see already […]


Shamseya created salametna.com as a response to the current healthcare crisis. Through this website, anyone going to a public space, can assess the placed based on 7 safety and infection control indicators aligned with the measures announced by WHO and MOH. Assessments are posted online for everyone to see, so […]

Community Solutions

Shamseya creates and implements interventions that are based on a participatory methodology.Through this approach, the needs and expectations of the communities are prioritised, thereby improving health outcomes while preventing failures associated with highly centralised decision-making. By “communities” we refer to any group of people, sharing values, preferences, needs, risks or interests. A […]