, Ashoka Arab World newest fellow

Ashoka Arab World, one of the global hotspots for social businesses, has just elected five new fellows, which they will support in implementing projects that impact their communities. The list includes renowned changemakers such Shamseya’s own Daniel Amoun, the project director for the portal, who thus joins an international community of game-changers invading the socio-economic sphere in the next couple of years.

Experts, individuals, communities and local as well as national NGOs have been working together to achieve one goal: a grass-rooted, citizens-driven quality healthcare system that is accountable to its main stakeholder, namely the patient. is one step in very long path towards the realization of this goal, and Ashoka’s election today, not only acknowledges the underlying participatory efforts, but also notably supports all participants through challenges that are yet to come.
I am grateful Ashoka believes in the collective vision of the project, it is indeed a happy moment.

Daniel Amoun