Cost and quotations

Based on the size of your facility and your services as well as the PPA components you wish to undertake, we calculate the costs of the services based on the number of working hours and personal needed.

We can calculate an estimate for you and send it via email if you simply fill out the data in this request for quotation.

Generally speaking, the PPA is designed to be easy to undertake, be carried out in the least possible number of days and therefore, cost the least. To give you a hint, a Cairo, medium sized speciality centre would take from 20 to 40 working hours for a full PPA, with a team of 3 evaluators costing between 8000 EGP and 16000 EGP.

Ready to go through this? Willing to see if your centre measures up? Fill out the Request for Quotation or contact us at  and we’ll take it from here.

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