El Nase7 Project

More than 80% of Egyptians enrolled in the health insurance scheme do not utilize the healthcare services they are entitled to. They either do not know, do not trust in the service quality or get lost in the bureaucracy. Shamseya is changing that through “El Nase7”, a phone assistance service that guides patients on how to best benefit from the Egyptian healthcare system, based on their coverage, capabilities, needs and location.

58% of Egyptians can benefit from health insurance coverage. Yet, less than 8% of eligible women and 14% of the poorest manage to access such services. We “navigate” patients through the complex and highly bureaucratic healthcare system with ONE goal in mind: “To get the MOST from the coverage they’re entitled to”. A sustainable solution that supports national healthcare while empowering the least privileged.

Our aim is to assist 2000 Egyptians in accessing the healthcare coverage schemes that they are entitled to, by 2022. If you would like to help us achieve this goal and give Egyptians the healthcare they deserve, you can donate to El Nase7 project on GlobalGiving through this link: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/make-2000-egyptian-families-access-health-coverage/