Health cooperatives

Forming strategically-oriented communities has led to people addressing some of the challenges they face, such as scarcity of medical services. The clustering of people can enable the creation of entire healthcare systems when supported by some expert technical and logistical expertise and guidance.

By “communities” we refer to any groups of people, sharing common values, intents, beliefs, preferences, needs, risks or interests. A community can, for instance, comprise residents of a village in Upper Egypt, a Bedouin tribe in Sinai, a group of construction day-workers or colleagues within the same profession. They most importantly share a commonality that allows them to operate as an entity.

We offer a wide range of services for communities that wish to solve their healthcare services problems with their own hands. These communities are supported with the aim of creating an independent and self-sustained system.

Among these services we can help in:

     1. Identification of needs, expectations available resources and stakeholders

This is the initial step adopted by Shamseya when studying a healthcare services situation of any community. After identification of all possible stakeholders, we characterize healthcare system needs, resource types and  expectations from the healthcare system, in community-centered manner. Furthermore, the extent of social solidarity, cohesiveness and attitudes towards insurance and available services and infrastructure are also assessed.

     2. Coaching in community solution design

Our team then begins a customized process of coaching, that enables the selected community to design the healthcare system solution they perceive as most suitable. We help not only in facilitation, documentation, frame-setting and planning, but, more importantly, also in providing a network of supporters, expert opinions and policy support for these solutions.

     3. Technical, informational and logistical support in implementation

We then introduce the communities to our network, information database, policy-makers and market connections, as parties that can enable the realization of the solutions they aspire to implement. Throughout this process, we ensure a transparent and effective service procurement strategy that maintains and saves community resources and brings the best players on stage.

     4. Follow-up, improvement, vertical and horizontal expansion

Once the system is up and running, the Shamseya team maintains follow-ups, monitoring and addressing of technical issues to improve the system. Additionally, extensive communication with our community representatives is maintained and potential for scaling up, in terms of coverage, widening of scope and aptness for different income levels, is explored. We also begin linking communities together and pushing for improved system quality and governance development.