Melior – Feedback and Complaints Management System



Melior is a smart patient feedback and complaints management system that collects and analyzes data on the visiting patients’ experience, in order to assist health facility managers improve performance.

The system is composed of two components: The first one is a smart device app designed to effectively collect patient reviews and complaints while delivering an appeasing and entertaining experience for the patients. Completing the survey takes about 30 seconds, or even less to file a complaint, with the possibility of recording instead of typing, thereby further overcoming survey fatigue. The complaints section facilitates easy complaints submission, essential to reassure patients that direct and undistorted communication with the management is possible at all times. When a complaint is submitted, the management is promptly notified with each complaint’s details for the possibility of immediate remedy and reducing the probability of angry patients breaking your reputation on social media and other platforms.


The second component of the Melior feedback and complaint management system is a dashboard, which provides health facility managers with instant notifications and easy access to raw and analyzed data. The dashboard supports them with simple, yet powerful analytics on the patient experience that help drive performance forward. The dashboard covers metrics that include overall satisfaction, patients’ attitudes, effectiveness of marketing strategy and ratings of hospitality, comfort and medical services among others

The melior App can be installed on any smart device (Android and iOS) and works for all levels of care and facilities of all sizes. Melior gathers insight on what matters most to patients, enabling the quality team can focus efforts on improving instead of data collection, sorting and analysis.

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