Post-assessment process

This community monitoring portal for health services provision is only a mean to an end. Following the assessment, several follow-up activities are carried out aiming at achieving a tangible improvement in the quality of services people receive.

SONY DSC1 – Local dialogue

Strengthened by the support of all approving local networks, the local coordinator and his team are able to directly communicate with the hospital management, regional administration or health authorities. All local NGOs receive a copy of a document that includes all assessments and narratives from the community assessors, which they review and sign. The signed document, together with the assessment results, elicit discussion, negotiation and proposal of possible solutions to the authorities.

2 – National dialogue

Eghospitals is supported by a network of national actors and influential NGOs. Currently we are working on integrating progressive government authorities to support the Eghospitals team in their national conversation.

3 – Research-based advocacy

An annual report is that compares the services provided, measured to other indicators like budget allocations and manpower distribution across hospital is to be released..

4 – Media campaigns

We have established relationships with local and national media representatives who will have an integral role in publicizing the released local and national reports.