PPA Components

The Patient-centered Performance Appraisals (PPA) is carried out through a set of evaluations carried out by our experts’ team. These include:

  1. A thorough assessment of all major aspects related to the quality of services your centre provides through 28 major Patient-centered quality indicators and 120 measures that translate every aspect of what patients are truly looking for when seeking service.
  2. Appraisal of the facility’s performance from the perspective of front-line employees, technical staff, nurses, management and the medical staff of your facility through additional 36 indicators.
  3. Evaluation of the performance of the enterprise’s financial and accounting systems.
  4. Assessment of the Good Governance indicators evaluating the sound management of the facility, its management structure and its growth prospects.
  5. A comprehensive yet concise Performance Appraisal report, showing the results of the PPA.
  6. A list of recommended actions and interventions.
  7. A meeting with the evaluators, presenting the report, recommendations and discussing possible future actions and remedies.


Our evaluators will carry out the PPA using a set of tools specially designed to fit your facility, including:

  1. IMG_3617   Customer (patients) surveys
  2.    Customers interviews
  3.    Facility inspections
  4.    Random checks
  5.    Incognito patients checks
  6.    Medical staff surveys
  7.    Receptionists surveys and interviews
  8.    Nursing staff surveys and interviews
  9.   Technical staff surveys and interviews
  10.   Management meeting
  11.   Records check
  12.   Financial system review
  13.   Research analysis, reporting and presentation.
  14.   Additional tools may be used upon need such as legal and administrative checks, referring physician’s surveys and interview, comparisons with benchmark…etc.

Confidentiality: All internal data our team will access will only be used within the framework of the PPA service provided and according to the stipulation of the signed agreement.