Report on Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials in Egypt

Together with research partners from Switzerland, the Netherlands and Egypt, Shamseya has launched its report on Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials in Egypt.

This report studies the conduct of these trials in Egypt, sheds the light on some of the short-comings that were identified and proposes recommendations for the different stakeholders.

On the global problem of antibiotic resistance – who is stepping forward?

Most of us are probably alive and kicking thanks to the discovery and subsequent introduction of antibiotics in the early 20th century. They notably improved the clinical management of infectious diseases, which were previously untreatable or even fatal, winning them a reputation for being “miracle drugs”. Unfortunately, their ability to […]

“ Free ” healthcare

Political programs and strong resonating promises of politicians in Egypt repeatedly talk about “Free healthcare as a right”. Aside from the poetic impracticality of such promises in a country where three quarters of the total healthcare expenditures are out-of-pocket household expenditures, the question we ask is: “Is Free healthcare” a notion […]