The Women Friendly Services Project

The Women Friendly Services (WFS) aims at evaluating, training and equipping healthcare providers and systems around the country with the needed skill-sets, knowledge and best practices that allow them to provide women-friendly healthcare services. Healthcare facilities achieving standards defined by Shamseya, along with relevant stakeholders, will be accredited with the “Women Friendly Services” badge and banner and will be featured on a dedicated website that lists the Women Friendly Facilities in Egypt. The WFS project will work to ensure the accessibility, acceptability, affordability and safety of health services provided to women.

The project has just launched its pilot phase in February 2021, whereby Shamseya will choose a primary healthcare center to initiate the Women Friendly Services project. This phase will serve as an on-ground application of the standards previously determined through research, and a reform and transformation project of the PHC. 

This project will not only directly reform facilities, it will also raise awareness and emphasize the importance of women’s access to healthcare. It will give facilities the tools and guidance to meet the needs of women in Egypt, raise awareness among the healthcare industry on women friendliness, and empower women in Egypt with knowledge of the services available, and the quality of healthcare they’re entitled to. 

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