The voice of Communities

Eghospitals empowers real people from local communities. By training and giving local people a voice and the right tools, entire communities get to benefit.

What is Eghopsitals? is a website that serves as a tool for the community to monitor hospital service quality.
Shamseya’s team of experts trains local community members to assess hospitals in Egypt. By publishing scores and assessments of hospitals online, Eghospitals enables patients to make an informed decision when choosing a hospital.

Here’s why we care about this project:

It holds hospitals accountable to their quality.  For 3/4 of the hospitals on the website, eghospitals is their ONLY online presence. gets over 8000 visits a month. That’s thousands of patients who access the right information needed to make an important decision. It promotes social accountability. Real, every day people get to practice active citizenship and become aware of their rights as patients.

Watch how one assessment can benefit an entire community