Healthcare Quality Specialists Consultancy


From our community assessment portal of healthcare quality in hospitals , we already know Infection control measures in Egyptian hospitals and healthcare facilities are lagging behind. The National Safety Regulations (NSR) prepared by the General Authority for Health Accreditation and Regulation (GAHAR) is a critical attempt to tackle this on the long run within the framework of the new universal health insurance scheme. This framework can play a critical role in ensuring infection prevention and control measures are widely implemented, during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. This is also an essential step towards the accreditation of these facilities according to the national standards.


A dedicated Infection Prevention Control and healthcare quality control specialist will be following a designated process that is created and closely managed by a dedicated team of quality officers, health systems experts and infection control consultants working around the clock to provide the support and resources to improve the infection prevention control measures in the healthcare facilities according to the National Safety Regulations and in compliance with the requirements of the GAHAR.


The dedicated healthcare quality specialists will be assigned to various facilities led by Shamseya central team to provide the following support service to healthcare facilities of various types from different Egyptian Governorates, in the form of a consultancy project.

a. Meeting with the healthcare facility management:

b. Assessment of infection control measures in healthcare facility

c. Reporting to the management, recommendations and follow-up of implementation

d. Re-evaluation and offering of support

e. Periodic follow-up: The outcomes of this cycle will then be documented and a regular follow-up plan will be implemented to ensure these measures are constantly implemented.


Shamseya is looking for healthcare quality specialists with the following qualifications:

a. Bachelor’s degree in a relevant medical background

b. Previous auditing field experience in infection control or healthcare quality measures from 3-5 years

c. A degree in infection control or healthcare quality is a must

d. Good knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google documents and reports writing


a. Excellent Communication and presentation skills and ability to deliver information in an organized manner

b. Good attention to details, excellent observer

c. Negotiation skills, strong ability to collect data with different tools

d. Superb computer competence, including database management

e. Analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills


This consultancy is project based which involves undergoing field visits to various healthcare facilities in the governorate of the dedicated specialists. The working hours range from 30 to 112 hours depending on the facility type. Additionally, follow-up visits will be arranged and performed on regular basis.

a. The working hours will be assigned to the selected candidates with likely attending office meetings once a month

b. Attractive compensation package will be calculated on hourly rate

c. Various trainings will be delivered to the candidate

d. Commission and bonuses will be based on new referral consultancy agreements to potential healthcare facilities.

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