Project Manager – Terms Of Reference

Women Friendly Services Project Manager

About Shamseya: 

Shamseya is a problem solver to challenges facing healthcare. We focus on healthcare systems in the Middle East and North Africa region. Shamseya has a patient-centered approach to development. We support and empower patients to understand how to navigate and improve their healthcare systems. Shamseya has created programs that improve the quality, accessibility, effectiveness, and affordability of healthcare services provided to people in Egypt and the region. Our running projects and products are ElNase7, Women Friendly services, Salametna, Eghospitals, iCheck and Melior.

About Women Friendly Services (WFS) Project:

The Women Friendly Healthcare Services (WFS) Project is an Egypt based project created by Shamseya to connect women of all ages living in Egypt with safe, accessible, and acceptable healthcare services that suit their needs and empower them to make informed decisions about their health, with a focus on sexual and reproductive health. Through the direct capacity building and training of staff and caregivers in all levels of healthcare, and by collaborating with local stakeholders and expert groups, the WFS Project aims to ensure the availability of women-friendly healthcare services.

Position title:

Women Friendly Services Project Manager.

Position Location: Home, office, and field based.

Position duration: After completion of a successful 3-month probation period, a full employment contract with 1-year limited term subject to renewal based on performance will be offered. The contract includes medical and social insurance benefits.

Reports to: Shamseya CEO.

Employment: Full-time.

Work Conditions: Flexible working hours, with working hours between 9:00am-5:00pm.

Job Summary: 

The Project Manager is responsible for all implementation aspects of the Women Friendly Services Project including management of daily activities, planning, team, and stakeholders management. The project manager acts as the focal point for all project-related issues.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

Planning and strategizing

  • Participate actively in strategy meetings with the project board;
  • Translate project strategy into an actionable work plan;
  • Allocate needed resources for specific activities;
  • Identify needs of resources and budget proactively;
  • Align project team members on goals of different phases;
  • Set up the internal reporting and follow-up of the different team members;
  • Set up the documentation of the different phases of the project;
  • Ensure the project team is getting the support needed to meet project goals and personal development;
  • Be constantly informed with all updates related to the field of women’s health, locally and internationally;
  • Adapt project goals to arising challenges along with the different phases of the project.
  • Document project learnings, analyze for growth, and better project planning.

Implementation and follow-ups 

  • Arrange meetings with relevant stakeholders, e.g.  government officials, private sector partners, and hospital managers;
  • Coordinate proposal writings and MOUs for different partners and stakeholders;
  • Manage project team deliverables and activities;
  • Ensure on time, on budget, and on scope implementation of project activities;
  • Ensure the M&E tools are created and implemented;
  • Manage periodical updates meetings with project team members;
  • Manage different project stakeholders; establishing and maintaining communication and reporting channels;
  • Solving daily challenges and problems arising from the project;
  • Ensure project documentation is regularly updated.



  • Relevant university degree. A Masters degree in a relevant field is an asset.
  • Health/Medical background is a plus.

Experience and requirements: 

  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience working in the development sector and in a related or similar position.
  • Passion to work on women-related issues.
  • Excellent leadership and team-building skills; 
  • Excellent research and analytical skills;
  • Excellent communication, negotiation, and partnership-building skills; 
  • Excellent use of Microsoft Office applications;
  • Able to manage multiple tasks;
  • Fluent in written and spoken English and Arabic.

If interested please send your resume and a cover letter to