Facility Performance Appraisal

The Facility Performance Appraisal is a novel evaluation framework that measures the performance of your healthcare facility according to quality indicators that directly translate the needs and expectations of your clients and customers. This is facilitated through in-depth study of the criteria according to which patients choose their providers, loyalty incentives and inducers as well as the general perception of quality. In addition, the Facility Performance Appraisal covers other clients’ perspectives such as referring physicians but also that of medical staff, administrators, nurses, technicians among others. The appraisal, in contrast to conventional certification processes, functions in an extremely simple, affordable, efficient and timely manner to give you direct recommendations for improvement.

evaluating what really matters to your clients | telling you how to better perform

Evaluating what really matters to your clients | telling you how to better perform

How is this different from quality audits and accreditation?

Quality audits such the Egyptian accreditation standards, ISO or the Joint Commission International (JCI) standards are primarily designed and carried out by quality experts who assess facilities based on rigid standards to eventually issue accreditation. The process is long, strenuous, immensely costly, and, most importantly, does not reflect customer expectations or needs. Consequently, these certifications are not linked to enhancement of actual performance in health facilities or increased patient satisfaction.