Community Solutions

Community solutions greyWhat we offer in Shamseya are solutions that are based on a participatory and client-centered methodology. This approach emphasises the needs and expectations of the key beneficiaries as top priority, allows them to form driving forces towards the realisation of successful outcomes while preventing failures associated with stagnant politics and highly centralised decision-making.

By “Communities” we refer to any groups of human beings, sharing common values, intents, believes, preferences, needs, risks or interests. A community can be the residents of a village in upper Egypt, a bedouin tribe in Sinai, a group of construction day-workers, colleagues in the same profession…etc.

As long as there is something that brings them together. A commonality that allows to operate as a group and not as individual, this only means half our job is done. What remains is some faith and trust in this communities capacities to address its own issues and manage their own healthcare system, with some, minor, technical and logistic support from our side.

We offer a wide range of services for communities wishing
to solve their healthcare services problems with their own hands. These services are provided with the aim of creating a self-sustained system that is independent from all.

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Shamseya created as a response to the current healthcare crisis. Through this website, anyone going to a public space, can assess the placed based on 7 safety and infection control indicators aligned with the measures announced by WHO and MOH. Assessments are posted online for everyone to see, so […]

Participatory study on citizens behaviors and the use of public spaces in the light of the COVID19 pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shamseya conducted this study to investigate the response to and level of worry of the community about the virus. This research also investigates the infection control measures taken by public spaces to limit transmission. We also present a brief reflection about the curfew measures […]

Workshop for Egypt’s Healthcare Leaders

In collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Egypt Office), Shamseya for innovative community healthcare solutions has conducted a one-day workshop for leading actors in the Egyptian health sector. Participants included leaders of healthcare facilities (public and private) and representatives of civil society organizations. Keynote speakers of the workshop were Dr. Ashraf […]

First session of the Sohag Community Assessors training

Sohag, a focal point in Upper Egypt, hosted the first training for the also first independent community assessment team, during which, concepts of social accountability and active citizenship were presented to all attendees. Additionally, they were familiarized with common hospital structures, especially in terms of staff and services, to augment […]

The Advisory Board

The advisory board is a group of dedicated experts who provide technical and strategic counselling to the technical team of the project. They review the assessment criteria, indicators and measures and provide their expert know-how to enable the success of the project. It is formed of the following members: […] updates now allows more public interaction

To allow more interaction with the public, the team released a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter, which explains the assessment criteria.  Additionally, was modified to accommodate direct Facebook-mediated comments on the hospital profiles to encourage increased viewer participation and engagement. Currently, the team is working on […] wins the IACC Social Entrepreneurs Initiative Award

The project was chosen as one of the newest additions to the IACC Social Entrepreneurs Initiative! (hosted by Transparency International and supported by the GIZ, BMZ and the UNDP).   With almost 300 applications from 62 countries worldwide, the jury members chose to award Shamseya for, since it […]